In No Man’s Sky, you can improve performance by 30% with the help of fashion

В No Man's Sky можно повысить производительность на 30% с помощью мода

Despite the fact that for the project No Man’s Sky came Supplement which adds multiplayer mode, many players with weak characteristics of computers. They mostly arise with vehicles when simply impossible to fly. Enthusiast moddel designed my mod that allows to increase the performance of PC by 30%. According to the developer, this method is only suitable for the weak computers. If you have a powerful PC, then the installation of the modification will only worsen the situation.

The mod is called NoFade FPS Booster. It removes the effect of the so-called “attenuation” and reduces the load from the objects appearing in the distance. For example, vegetation, mountains, rocks. It is heavily load the system and reduced performance. This development will allow the player to see all of that away, just all the objects will not emerge smoothly, and sharply. If the developers soon will release update that improves the performance on slower computers, this will be the only solution.

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