Know how much you will lose Google if Fortnite will not appear in Google Play

Известно сколько потеряет Google, если Fortnite не появится в Google Play

As you know, Epic Games has decided to opt-out of Google Play and distribute the game Fortnite for the Android operating system from their official website. Or rather, started to spread recently. Guide Epic Games probably already have an idea what Google will lose and what will be the revenue from the mobile version of Fortnite. In 2018, the search giant will lose about $ 50 million. The estimated proceeds from the game will be 175 million dollars before the end of the year.

Only now with Apple this trick will not work, as iOS closed, and install applications from the outside is possible only on devices with Jailbreak. Most likely, Google can do the additional suggestions to Epic Games, so they turn on more favorable terms posted my game in Google Play, that’s just judging by the development strategies of the game, the creators Fortnite is not necessary. They will be able to extend the project to different devices and maintain it. The only thing that can spoil the reputation is all sorts of clones, which will embed viruses and miners, spreading on third party sites.

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