SCUM will be released in late August

SCUM выйдет в конце августа

Became known release date network vigilantia SCUM. Release, albeit in early access, will be held on 29 August.

In honor of this event the developers have even released a new video, which was shown the horrors of survival in the terrible TV show with huge robots, flying drones and… zombies. Oddly enough, the game will these guys, despite the fact that until now this one is not mentioned.

As you can understand, zombies will turn those who are killed, that would probably make the spectator mode more interesting than the competition.

Also, the video reminded us about the gifts that will send the most distinguished heroes of this project. We are talking about targeted parcels for those heroes, for whom will vote-the imaginary audience. In General, a kind of Hunger Games, only with a serious impact on gameplay, weather and individual characteristics of the characters, including hunger, disease, get heat stroke or freeze to death.

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