Microsoft wants its God of War

Microsoft хочет свою God of War

Amid allegations of financial analysts that last part God of War was the best selling game for Sony’s history of PlayStation, it is not surprising that Microsoft also want to get something similar, so entice Crystal Dynamics – the Studio that developed the new adventure of Kratos and Sons, Darrell Gallagher, the former her boss, who now will head the newly formed Studio called Initiative, which Microsoft apparently have high expectations.

The initiative was another gaming company that in the future will make us happy, or upset, the new games under the patronage of Microsoft, which just hogs up a shovel, bought in recent months, Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games and, possibly, Obsidian Entertainment.

In General, the Americans, with their inherent scope, preparing a powerful blow to the ambitions of Sony in particular, and on the positions of their local competitors in General.

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