In No Mans Sky you can mine bitcoins

В No Mans Sky можно добывать биткоины

Apparently begun! Before we talk about the blockchain, which is de, will appear in a video game, what convinced the creators of the new Spider-Man, all of a sudden it turned out that the cryptocurrency is already possible to produce in No Mans Sky.

However, immediately I want to reassure everyone: this feature was added to the game than the developers and two fellow gamers who, because of the appearance in the Deserted Sky multiplayer added on two planets in the system, Ananko locked and encrypted keys from a piece of bitcoin. At the moment, these same 0,004 bitcoin cost $ 30. Not very many, but, nevertheless, according to the brothers, left them the keys looking for hundreds, if not thousands of people.

This promotion guys, by his own admission, willing to promote the blockchain in video games, because to play and earn money, though virtual – is not only pleasant but also profitable. We also have nothing against that, but first let Hello Games will establish an optimization for No Mans Sky continues to suffer from dropping framerates, and I can only imagine what would happen if the game will add system of mining.

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