“Slender man” got a new trailer (video)

«Слендермен» получил новые трейлеры (видео)

The film company Sony Pictures is preparing to release on the screens of the horror film “Slenderman”. It was the work of Director Sylvain white, best known for the TV series “Ancient,” “rush Hour” and “Lethal weapon”. And the main movie played by Joey king (“the Conjuring,” “Oz, the great and terrible”), Javier Botet (“mother”) and Julia Golden telles (“Candidate for murder”).

In the story of four high school girls decide to hold mystic ritual. But one of them disappears, and for the remaining begins a nightmare. In the scenario formed the urban legend of the Slenderman, a character with no face and long limbs. The slender man was born with a simple forum contest, but very soon turned into an Internet meme, and then into a full-fledged horror story.

Slender man has become a hero of two video game Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival. And the reason why several real tragedies: two teenage girls tried to kill friend to sacrifice to Slenderman. This tells the documentary “Beware of Slender man”, it was released by HBO. We also know of a girl who set fire to own house, because she ordered the Slenderman.

Premiere — August 16.



The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield are games without multiplayer

The Elder Scrolls 6 и Starfield будут играми без мультиплеера

Pete Hines could not stand, and decided to stop all the insinuations about the future part of the elder Scrolls, which is waiting for transformation into something network.

Could not stand, went to Twitter and told how it will actually. Mr. Hines assured the audience that the game with single campaigns remain in their priority. That Starfield is a game for the solo passage. The Elder Scrolls 6 probably also. What to fear when looking at the network Fallout 76, it was said that something like that they wanted to do for a long time, and personally he believes that they have earned the right to create such a branch, but at the same time, Fallout 5 will be strictly a single game.

On the question of whether to resist the company before the profit potential that has the same Rockstar its GTA Online, Mr. Hines responded that it was personal business of other companies in which they do not climb, having your personal course, which is aimed at creating narrative games for a single player, the speakers, by the way, are more stable than strictly networking projects, which often fail outright.

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Rockstar has released a music video. It was removed in GTA V (video)

Rockstar выпустила клип. Его сняли в GTA V (видео)

In honor of the recent release of a major update of “Night life” for GTA Online company Rockstar together with music by Solomun released a music video for the song “the Customer is always right” (Customer is King) to be shot entirely in Grand Theft Auto V.

In the story the courier got to get a few people sending, but Los Santos is a mess, and the guy on top is constantly stumbles upon the biggest robbery of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. They Rob the jewelry store, the empty truck collector.

Updating “Night life”, players have the opportunity to open his own night clubs, where they can choose the interior and partly to put them out. After you can organize your own party, inviting up to thirty other players.


Rumor: Fortnite will not appear in Google Play

Слух: Fortnite не появится в Google Play

Apparently, Fortnite, though, and will be released on Android, but Google Play will not appear. It’s not official yet, but very similar.

The fact that citizens were able to bypass the security the official website of the project, getting access to the internal, the content, where great attention is paid to training install the game “outside of the Play Market.”

Why so difficult you ask and we answer: for the sake of economy. Epic Games to show consistency, proving that a good product does not necessarily have to be on the popular shopping site. It might be sold by itself. In the end, the game appeared on Steam, and it will not appear in the Google that requires – for a moment – 30% of the total profits, including, of course, micropayments. And, considering that game of the month earns tens of millions of dollars, commissions can be quite hefty. And if Google does not make concessions, making the developers exclusive offer with a lower interest rate, Fortnite on Android will have to install a separate way, along with third-party content from Epic Games.

  • Слух: Fortnite не появится в Google Play
  • Слух: Fortnite не появится в Google Play

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In the United States will hold a tournament on Street Fighter V in the army

В США проведут турнир по Street Fighter V в армии

ESports is actively developing not only among civilian users, and military. So the U.S. Army is conducting your tournament Street Fighter V on 8 military bases. Qualifiers have already started on 28 July and will continue until August 25. And what is most interesting, they will be your commentator, Sergeant 1st class Christopher Jones, who was himself addicted to games. Will be held and the Grand final, which will take place September 1 in Seattle. Any awards not yet reported, but most likely, the prize will be to motivate other soldiers to participate in tournaments in the future.

The tournament is held with the support of the military organization Family MWR Programs, which will broadcast all the matches on his twitch channel. According to the organizers, this is the method they want to increase the speed of reaction of the soldiers and coordination. Interesting move. And if we now apply the usual fighting games, then in the future you can expect the game in the style of VR, where soldiers will have to move and play all physical activities. That approach certainly increases physical strength, and reaction speed.

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Dota 2 invented a new way to “divorce”

В Dota 2 придумали новый способ "развода"

Selling things on Steam is pretty serious business, despite the fact that it is connected with the games development has no relation. Players are constantly coming up with sophisticated ways of cheating to get more clothes and sell them. Recently, a new scheme. Steam hackers download items for unknown games, and put pictures from Dota 2. In the end, apparently – a character from DotA, and that’s actually quite a different game. Reddit has already demonstrated this method with a few expensive skins.

And all that is necessary for the attacker is to throw a trade their item to another player instead for cheaper. As a rule, with the joy of users won’t even notice, what with the game skin. The game, which could crank out such a focus, called a Climber, but at the time of writing it is already removed from the service. But most likely, there are many such “games” that are designed to deceive users.

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GTA 5 Online, you can get new weapons from Red Dead Redemption 2

В GTA 5 Online можно получить новое оружие из Red Dead Redemption 2

Not far off the long-awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar, and apparently the developers have decided once again to hint to the players about it in advance of adding a concealed weapon from Red Dead Redemption 2 in the online version of GTA 5. Actually, you can get the Tomahawk. Yeah, not the most interesting subject, but is also a nice bonus, especially for fighting in melee.

To Tomahawk you can from the mission, but at the moment it is available, but a Rockstar soon for sure adds. The bottom line is this: you get an assignment from Mauda to accept the mission in which you have to visit 5 locations and there to kill characters. Once all areas will be cleaned, you will open a sixth location, which will be available for new weapons. In the network appeared even video, where all details are described.

Personally our opinion is that this kind of “stuffing” from developers Rockstar. To create hype around a new project, the release of which is expected in 2.5 months, came up with this method. The network has already sparked controversy between players, as it was intended.

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Mobile version Fortnite downloaded more than 100 million users

Мобильную версию Fortnite скачали более 100 млн. пользователей

As shown by the results of the analytical center of Apptopia, the number of downloads of the mobile version of Fortnite exceeded 100 million. This result was achieved literally in 138 days (almost 5 months). If you compare this project to other games that have managed to achieve the same result in a short time, Fortnite enters immediately into 3rd place. Just ahead of Super Mario, which reached this mark for 68 days and Pokemon Go (71 days).

On the wave of popularity of Battle Royale, Epic Games brings together all the rays of glory, as the PC-version and in the mobile segment. Also note the fact that the game was released only for iOS. On android it will be released in the near future, and as we know, users of Android much more than iOS, so overall audience will grow significantly. Given the creativity of developers and regular updates, you can expect a serious influx of players and their involvement.

Analysts from the center Apptopia also suggested, in which period the mobile version PUBG (a direct competitor of Fortnite) will be able to reach 100 million downloads. According to them it will happen in 206 days.

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Rumor: Intel Core i9-9900K may be 18% more powerful than the flagship AMD

 Слух: процессор Intel Core i9-9900K может оказаться на 18 % мощнее флагмана AMD In the network appeared comparative tests of the Intel Core i9-9900K, which, according to rumors, will be released before the end of this year.

 Слух: процессор Intel Core i9-9900K может оказаться на 18 % мощнее флагмана AMD

Presumably for testing in 3DMark used the Intel i9-9900K with a clock frequency of 3.1 GHz based on the architecture of the Coffee Lake Refresh. The processor boasts 8 cores and 16 threads.

Intel loses to AMD in the battle процессоровAMD is preparing a new energy-efficient processors RyzenIntel showed characteristics of the ninth generation processors Core i5 and Core i3

For testing used Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. Intel Core i9-9900K scored 10 719 points in the test Team CPU Spy. For comparison, AMD Ryzen 2700X scored 9 060 points, and Intel Core i7-8700 total of 8 053. Thus it turns out that the new processor from Intel is 18% faster than its competitor from AMD.

It is worth mentioning that earlier, one of the online resources of leaking the detailed characteristics of the performance of new generation processors from Intel, as well as estimated cost. Base frequency of the Core i9-9900K in the source value of 3.6 GHz, although the testing listed processor with a frequency of 3.1 GHz. It is possible that it was an engineering sample.

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Electronic Arts has promised a total cross-platform

В Electronic Arts пообещали тотальную кросс-платформу

Electronic Arts Director of investor relations, Chris Evenden, told that the future for total cross-platform over which they are now very hard working.

Mr. Evenden, in particular, oversees the success of Fortnite, which happened not least because of the mix of platforms that makes this game even more collective and interesting. That is the future they are planning for their leading franchises. In other words, one of the future parts, for example, FIFA can put on a single server PC-schnick and consolers even those who have Nintendo Switch. And it was really interesting, even without a PlayStation, which is not allowed to play in a common sandbox.

Mr. Evenden said that an excellent opportunity “to mobilize” PC gaming, it will help to unite family and friends in the same game: “this technology will become an important part of your game profile, so expect big news on this front in the future.”

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