Steam found mining game with a virus

В Steam нашли майнинг-игры с вирусами

It seems that the new Steam policy, aimed at the rejection of censorship and checks down by content developers, is beginning to bear its first fruits: completely inedible, even dangerous, both for gamers and for the store.

For example, recently there was discovered the game, engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies due to the computer power gamers. Around one such serious scandal. In particular, a platformer called Abstractism, as it turned out, contained a virus that triggers the process, disguised as Steam.exe that actually load the system, helping himself to some mining digital money.

And although the game has been removed, it does not last. After it found and dismantled two more, and it’s not the end. It seems that with the new policy, Valve is only the beginning, so the days when we could safely install all types of content coming from Steam, have sunk into oblivion. In the future it is necessary to trust only proven developers and publishers of all, if you don’t want to burn my graphics card or processor.

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