New trailer for the Force Jump. It was dedicated to the heroes of Bleach (video)

Новый трейлер Jump Force. Его посвятили героям Bleach (видео)

Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled a new trailer for Jump Force with the heroes of popular manga and anime series Bleach. All in the game we can expect three Shinigami.

Bandai Namco chose Ichigo, Rukia and Aizen. All three were Central characters in the first part of the plot of Bleach. In combat they will use their most well-known techniques. Some users are disappointed that they will only see these characters. However, the most active audience — the army of fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which are still not seen in Jump Forсe their favorite characters.

The appearance in the game confirmed already heroes One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball. Release games to be held in 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.