In BioWare told about the size of the card Anthem

В BioWare рассказали о размерах карты Anthem

Creative Director of BioWare, Brannon Holmes, responded to a question from gamers with regards to the size of the card Anthem.

The question was about gameplay frame that lit up the map of the game. In particular, the questioner wanted to know whether all this card, or actually it is more, and if more, how much?

Unfortunately, to obtain a detailed response was not possible, but Mr. Brannon noted that the screenshot not the whole map, and the upper and lower part missing. In addition, the screenshot does not show the upper and lower levels a world, so to speak, high-rise. But in General, of course, a record he will not appear.

As shown earlier, the world Anthem will be far from 400 square miles of Wildlands Ghost Recon, or F. E. A. R. 3, because the developers have relied on the density of content and multi-level caves and locations high in the mountains.

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