For Fortnite has been updated

Для Fortnite вышло обновление

Today the developers from Epic Games has released an update for Fortnite, which decided to return a guided missile. In April, it was removed because of serious imbalance, but after a while decided to return, only now the characteristics of its now reduced several times. The players were worried whether it would be possible for her to fly again. Will please you – you can! This is a great weapon that can not only shoot, but move you from one point to another.

But it’s not the most important. In addition to the rocket added a new mode “Flying explosives”, but it will be available only a certain time. The main feature – you can fight only with grenade launchers and missile launchers. In buildings other weapons too, not to find, but can come across a jet pack.

Not impressed? Then we recommend you to try out a new weapon – sniper rifle! Single shot rifle called “the Eyepiece”, and has serious technical characteristics, allowing you to kill players from a distance. Has strong recoil, so you need to keep it tight. Available for new weapons will be from the 2nd of August.

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