Cyberpunk 2077 will be the most multilingual game of modernity

Cyberpunk 2077 будет самой многоязычной игрой современности

Representative publications the Daily Star, with access to the inner workings of CD Projekt RED, has revealed a few new details of Cyberpunk 2077, calling this game the most Mature and ambitious RPG of all whom he had ever seen.

For example, unlike the Witcher, where the representatives of different races and peoples spoke the same language, only occasionally inserting something from the elven or nilfgaardskogo in Cyberpunk, many of the characters will talk as they want, and sometimes their speech is completely incomprehensible. To do this, the developers even hired a whole team of Xeno-linguists, making up new languages and dialects, to understand that, you need to hire a translator or to get implants, a transfer directly into the brain.

Speaking of the latter: in some cases, the player will be able to place dental implants, allows the viewer to feel the sensation of a third-party character, which, allegedly, have to use some mini-games, among which there will be games for virtual reality helmets.

And yet, those flying cars we saw in the trailer will not be manageable, but they still can be used as a taxi.

More details should be expected from the exhibition Gamescom.

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