Controversial consoles ZX Spectrum Vega Plus failed

Скандальные приставки ZX Spectrum Vega Plus оказались нерабочими

Here you are storing money in foreign crowdfunding, and well, because many who put money to lose, simultaneously bringing the concern to your nervous system.

For example, citizens have invested on Indiegogo in a portable console ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, for a long time and persistently ask them to return the money because of the actions of the company, Retro Computers Ltd, the money collected, more and more like fraudulent.

First, they decided to remake the console, changing its name, then a few postponement, in violation of earlier promises, it turned out that about thousands of games they have installed or plan to install in the console, are used illegally, bypassing official license that already drew the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. And then, finally, began to supply.

Of the 4,700 people gathered in the amount of half a million dollars in 2016 year, the first hundred received your purchase, and I must say, this does not happy. The build quality was bad, the games does not run, and some that do not understand control. So, the holiday for fans of the old games from the spectrum were badly damaged.

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