Ubisoft: The Division 2 will be a story about people

Ubisoft: The Division 2 будет историей о людях

Ubisoft turns out to be not quite satisfied with the plot of the first The Division, stating that in the second part it will be much better. Oh, that just will not go in order to explain to the public that what we sold you was not good enough: will buy from us again and we promise this time to do it right. Very similar to what every year come on stage to the representatives of Apple, introducing the new IPhones. However, we digress.

This time it turned out that in the first part we could only run, shoot and collect guns, but about people and their lives, nobody has spread. But in The Division 2 this point will be deployed on all cylinders. Gamers to complete the program will talk about the human suffering, hardships, difficult decisions about how they survived and rebuilt society. Given that the development is commanded by Ubisoft, we can hardly wait for something cruel that was, for example, the This War of Mine.

The release of The Division 2 will be held on March 15th. The game promises to have a significantly larger map than the first part, as well as a lengthy campaign, which can be completed alone, without the companions in co-op.

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