The release of the strategy Warhammer 40 000: Gladius

Состоялся релиз стратегии Warhammer 40 000: Gladius

On sale turn-based strategy Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War, which immediately got a few dozen reviews from buyers.

At the moment the project is mostly praised. Positive reviews on Steam are in the range of 80% that gives the grounds to assert that we have before us one of the most successful games of recent years, created a franchise of the Military Hammer. Strategy praise for four interesting race with really unique features, quality sound, sane training, as well as atmospheric. Criticized for looking for errors, lack of proper single player campaign, and a small amount of content, which the game more like something released in early access, and as a result, not with the price tag 725 rubles.

The developers, in fact, indirectly admit that the game even is, where to improve, so the promise of updates and patches in the coming days and weeks.

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