The bug has destroyed the economy Old School Runescape in 19 minutes

Баг уничтожил экономику Old School Runescape за 19 минут

Yesterday, the Studio Jagex updated MMO RPG Old School Runescape, which has led to the shutdown of the servers and of all progress. The reason for this was a single bug, but is so serious that it broke the system of monetization and in-game economy.

The exact details there, but the bug was active only 19 minutes, but during that time the game was generirovanie an unnamed amount of gold. Once the problem was discovered Jagex staff started the rollback process, restore the balance so that long-term damage to the game will not.

It is known that the bug has generated wads of cash in large volumes — approximately 2,147,483,647 each. The money is generated every time the player certain things have died.

For context, a normal iron sword is worth 91 coins from NPC. The most expensive things in the game can cost hundreds of millions of coins. However, if over time you get 2 billion coins, then a few deaths you can buy in the game all the things.

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