Commandos returns

Commandos возвращается

A few months ago we reported that the creators of the brilliant stealth strategy Commandos is clearly up to something. Then we assumed that we are talking about the remaster or remake one of the classic parts of this series, but it was much better.

The fact that the company Kalypso Media, known primarily for the Tropico series, has acquired the rights to Pyro Studios Commandos, maybe even the Studio itself. In any case, the latter has already announced its extreme joy, that I have long wanted to restart the Commandos, and are now pleased that they will be able to do it under the auspices of such a serious company.

Kalypso Media in General came up trumps by announcing that they plan work on the preparation of new parts Commandos, as well as the “extensive adaptation of existing brands in the modern technologies and platforms.” In other words, the legend is back, we congratulate to all old fans of this franchise!

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