Co-op shooter Earthfall left early access

Кооперативный шутер Earthfall покинул ранний доступ

Futuristic co-op shooter Earthfall did not long remain in early access. The game reached the final version, so now blamed technical problems for the early – fail.

In Steam, it received 76% positive reviews. In General, consumers say the presence of Russian localization, interesting gameplay, very similar to Left-4-Dead, nice graphics, good optimization and no luchboxes.

Of the minuses there was very stupid and monotonous enemies, not the most exciting shooting which is not felt, so to speak, does not cling, as well as a small number of the modes. Some also complained about the fact that they have experienced problems finding players on certain days.

It is noteworthy that complaints about the personnel drawdown frequency, which can be found in the feedback received during the early access, the final release available. Buyers note that FPS has established what gameplay comfort is markedly increased.

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