Fear the Wolves will appear on Steam in July

Fear the Wolves появится в Steam в июле

In Vostok Games has announced the imminent release of Fear the Wolves. A shooter I can play much earlier than many thought, because it will appear on Steam in July, albeit in early access.

The developers promise a Battle Royale in the STALKER-atmosphere per 100 people running around the contaminated radiation of the map, an area of 25 square kilometers. At the initial stage it is planned to have 20 weapons, 25 modifiers for him, 15 types of armor, dynamic system of changing weather conditions, with the beginning of the battle in the morning, and the completion thereof at night. Some transport, not counting the final helicopter tow truck, also will drive.

In the future, since the game plan to maintain for many months, the game promises to add improved spectator mode, the ability to play replays of fights, improved waiting room, additional opportunities for personalization of characters, new vehicles, more architectural and natural diversity, more weapons and items, clans, night mode games, more mutants and improvement of the card in accordance with the advice of gamers.

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The release of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

Состоялся релиз Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

On sale a remake of the trilogy of Crash Bandicoot, who immediately got reviews from the press and gamers.

In short, the release was a success, although not without flaws. Steam collection has 94% positive reviews. But the journalists on average were more critical, highlighting 8 points out of 10.

One of the advantages were noted: a great visual upgrade that supports the atmosphere, a sufficient number of different puzzles, trying to diversify the gameplay, as well as good performance, pull on a medium PC to 60 fps at 4k resolution.

What to the downsides, then they took a sharp and unjustified rise in difficulty, monotony, problem camera and outdated mechanics from the 90-ies.

However, those who played crash Bandicoot in my childhood, stayed in the extreme relish the opportunity to plunge into nostalgia, despite the price: 1400 rubles – a bit too much like a remake of several simple maternity platformer.

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Bethesda blames Sony in futility

Bethesda упрекает Sony в бесполезности

Todd Howard threw another rock in the garden of Sony. The question is: will Fallout 76 crossplatforming multiplayer, answered unambiguously: no, because Sony is “not as useful as we would like”.

The very same crossplatforming, Mr. Howard believes the biggest trend of the modern gaming industry, so he regrets that Sony comes this very tendency on your throat, following his own interests.

We have already lost count, trying to remember all such attacks on the part of game developers, which Sony blamed the failure to send the PlayStation 4 is in a network sandbox. Pressure obvious and long lasting, but the Japanese themselves respond that do not want, that people bought the Xbox conditional, and used the Sony servers free.

Recently, however, Sony noted that notice everything, monitoring everything, and in the near future will present their solution which would satisfy and gamers and the company itself.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker will be released by Deep Silver before the end of the year

Pathfinder Kingmaker будет выпущена Deep Silver до конца года

The founding father of Fallout, Chris Avellone working now, including and above the isometric fantasy role-playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker, played a message stating that the game will be released before the end of the year and not just come out, and will be released by Deep Silver, has agreed to become the publisher after Pathfinder successfully collected 900 thousand dollars on Kickstarter. Roughly it will happen closer to the winter holidays. All fans of Pillars of Eternity, Baldurs Gate and similar projects, this game is highly recommended to put on the pencil.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – suutarintorni RPG, whose creators promised an interesting story, classic combat mechanics, and a return to basics: to the time which is now called the Golden age of RPG. It ended with the onset of technological progress, with the arrival of the shooters, which was much more fun, without breaks and need to read, but fans of role-playing classics, as you can see, have not gone away, and even in these difficult times can money to prove your interest in such games.

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The creators of Metro Exodus spoke about the role of the locomotive

Создатели Metro Exodus рассказали о роли паровоза

In 4A Games told about the role of the steam train, which will travel around the world in Underground Exodus.

The locomotive, which, by the way, called Aurora, will serve as the home base, but not simple, but truly a family, sincere, and to the extent possible, comfortable.

In the course of Artem will have to meet with different people, among which not all will be enemies. For example, the end of the first hour of the campaign, it will be possible to save the mother and child can stay in one of the cars of the locomotive, and to provide all possible assistance. Also to the composition, for example, you can attach a vehicle found in one of the locations. Would it be possible to ride on it – is unknown, but some of the plot of load it will carry.

So the Aurora cars will be gradually filled, and its inhabitants will keep in stock every time a new story, new questions and new proposals surrounding the hero’s comfort, and making the lonely Wasteland even more contrasting-a lonely and hostile. In General, Wasteland is good and train better.

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BioWare has acknowledged the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda and explained why

В BioWare признали провальность Mass Effect Andromeda и объяснили почему

Mark darrah is one of the main Mass Effect: Andromeda, still agreed to accept this the game a failure. But he wasn’t the Director of BioWare, if not laid the blame for failure on others. Specifically – in other games.

It turned out that the dancers from BioWare prevented marketers who chose the wrong release date, as well as the creators of Nier: Automata, Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and the new Zeld. All of these villains to blame for the fact that these games came out almost simultaneously with the Andromeda, and the most awful – each of them “doing something better”.

However, Mr. Garbutt admitted that if they launched their game in a less busy period, then its valuation would not rise from 72% to 90%, but some 78% could be obtained. Would the extra 6% some important role in the fate of the series – comrade Director is not reported, but apparently have played it.

By the way, Mr. Garbutt notes that Dragon Age: Inquisition was the best game of the year, because it was released in a “quiet year”. Here and so. So don’t believe all this talk about the fact that game developers like competition. In fact, they hate her.

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Rumor is Google is preparing a streaming gaming service of the Yeti in spite of criticism

Слух – Google готовит потоковый игровой сервис Yeti вопреки критике

Authoritative Japanese publication Kotaku broke the damning article on the topic of login attempts by Google in the gaming industry.

These attempts, he says, the company performs in the 2014 year, and only recently it became known that they prepare. According to the publication, it will be a kind streaming platform called Yeti, which will allow you to play any game on the weakest PC, and run a conditional third Witch in the Chrome browser.

Supposedly, it will have a bunch of interesting options, like the online prompts. For example, you don’t know how to defeat a boss or solve a puzzle? Can click on the special button, and then in the browser, open the YouTube page with a demonstration of passing. This is all well and good, but these things have a serious obstacle: only a small portion of gamers has the appropriate quality broadband Network connection. And in General, few people believe in “killers” of traditional consoles. So the Yeti will remain, something of a beautiful prototype.

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The camera from the first person in the Cyberpunk 2077 have found an unexpected explanation

Камере от первого лица в Cyberpunk 2077 нашли неожиданное объяснение

Edition of Twinfinite, run over to Cyberpunk 2077 because of the uninteresting riding, shooting and conversations, suddenly rose in defense of the developers, chose the camera from the first person. In short, the “eyes” were chosen because of the extraordinary density of objects that will surround the main character.

Specifically, a representative of the newspaper, who visited for a private screening, said: “the Night City – urban universe, unlike anything you’ve seen before. And indeed it is. This is an incredibly dense metropolis, where neon billboards blind eyes, wires, and ceilings of the cafe are hanging very low, and punks, hanging out in dark corners, will jump to just scare you for fun. This of claustrophobia has never been in the third Witcher with its wide expanses of yellow fields and the swaying trees.”

In General, if you have “puppet” in the third person, you simply will not experience all the variety of feelings which have prepared for us developers.

Well, that sounds quite plausible. However, I would like to see all this “claustrophobic” on their own.

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Bethesda is suing the creators of the World of the Wild West

Bethesda подаёт в суд на создателей Мира Дикого Запада

No sooner had we disappointed to learn that the creators PUBG refused to sue the creators of Fortnite, as immediately reassured us: ahead is another interesting trial between Bethesda and Warner Bros. The reason – the World of the Wild West series, embodied in a mobile game, which was like two drops of water similar to the Fallout Shelter.

It is difficult to understand what the developers were thinking Westworld Mobile Game, because the similarities are not just available, they are strikingly and completely. We understand lawyers Bethesda, which is probably counting on a good fee, for it is inconceivable that the Respondent was, though how whatever coherent arguments in their favor. However, the matter can be resolved amicably, and then we do not know all the dirty details.

It is noteworthy that Warner Bros has filed a counterclaim to Bethesda. While the latter complains of a violation of the license contract, the creators of Westworld Mobile Game complain about the incitement to breach of the contract. Won’t judge about the details, but it all goes to the fact that an amicable agreement can not be so that, perhaps, we can become witnesses of this massacre.

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Netflix explained why the Witcher will be special

В Netflix объяснили почему их Ведьмак будет особенным

To fans vadimcha the universe slowly begins to realize that the Witcher from Netflix will be a little similar to the Witcher, in which they played, and whom they read. Finally this was confirmed by head writer, Lauren Schmidt, staged a small holivar in Twitter.

The battle happened after the following statements: “I enjoy learning all the arguments. But you have to understand – there is no such thing as a cultural property when the culture is pure fiction from the mind of one person who admits that the world is not based on the real European middle ages. I discussed in detail by Sapkowski with his vision of the world of the Witcher, its geographical and social illusions (!!!), and cultural distribution companies. But we have the vision, and this is important. This is our adaptation, which we are proud. And at this point one question remains: if we leave the original version of the Witcher, we must honor the author or his fans?”.

In General, it seems that the Directors would hate to think of someone to honor. Since they don’t agree by Sapkowski, the Witcher universe for the universe not to believe and will take, something of their own: women and democratic.

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