The “Sandbox” in Fortnite will not return until next week

Режим "Песочницы" в Fortnite не вернут до следующей недели

Company Epic Games has officially announced that the “Sandbox” in Fortnite will not run, at least until next week. Still fails to fully launch it, as there are numerous bugs and crashes due to the large wave of players.

Recall that the “Sandbox” was launched on the 27th, Wednesday, and managed to work a few hours. Due to the large flow of players began to appear problem, and later stopped working. In this mode, players can build anything your heart desires, and this can be done either in solo or with your friends with the use of friendly fire. In the “Sandbox” resources are going 10 times faster and also spawn more llamas and chests to loot.

As if the players did not expect the new regime (and the developers have promised a long time ago), to “Polish” it, unfortunately, failed and as wanting really a lot, developers will have to invest a lot of effort to re-start without any global failures and bugs. I hope that next week we’ll still be able to play in the “Sandbox”, well, now it remains to be content with what we have in Fortnite.

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