The developers of Star Wars Battlefront 2 announced future updates

Разработчики Star Wars Battlefront 2 анонсировали будущие обновления

In the Twitter developers of the popular game Star Wars Battlefront 2 showed a road map that clearly shows which stages of updates waiting for players, what content they see and for what time periods is planned. There will be new game modes, characters, changes in the gameplay.

The first updates are waiting for the players in July, but not particularly significant. The dainty expect in the fall. The game will be Obi-WAN Kenobi and General grievous. Even the developers promise us to add some large-scale game mode.

Also nice upgrade will be the winter. Add Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku. At the same time you enter a new location in the game – the planet “Geonosis. In August you are waiting for minor cosmetic changes in the gameplay: emotion and the winning gestures, which are used for credits or crystals. Just have to watch for updates and hope that the developers are masters of their words and will not postpone the updates.

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