In OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead will adaptive difficulty system

В OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead будет адаптивная система сложности

The creators OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead revealed some new details of this cooperative shooter.

For example, it was revealed that the game will have adaptive difficulty system, which will adjust the difficulty depending on the number of players in the group. The less people, the less enemies. So count on the fact that the pass four will be easier than one – not worth it.

We also reported on a new lighting system that de give the game a unique atmosphere, and make it very unlike the PayDay, despite the fact that many of the gameplay mechanics, the new project will inherit.

Well, Yes: despite the official system requirements in the form of Windows 10, the Eight and the Seven of the game will also be launched.

OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead – unfinished from Studio Overkill Software, which was first shown in 2014 year. And now, a few months before release, the game was criticized about the poor animations and overall graphics are rather weak, despite the fact that the developers claim that the game will look great, and what you see is an early version.

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