FIFA 19 will show the probability of valuable prizes from sets

FIFA 19 будет показывать вероятность выпадения ценных призов из наборов

Electronic Arts bend, but not break. In the heat of battle with luchboxes, the public was hooked and FIFA, in which these same luchbox thrive. In the end, the electronics didn’t break, but still went to some concessions, announcing the addition of future FIFA 19 special window, which will display the information about the chances of getting a particular type of content.

This, of course, talking about the kits in Ultimate Team mode. So now gamers will see, we hope, a fair percentage chance to drop any legendary cards, or just cards of a higher value. This compromise will allow the electronics to assert that “you know what to buy”, taking thus the sets from the category of cat in a bag, to the side, something like win-win lottery.

As practice shows, to obtain the conditional Ronaldo or Messi, you need to engage the probability to be significantly below 1%. And it does not mean that if you buy 100 sets, will eventually get 100% chance at getting some kind of superstar. It’s much worse than it actually is.

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