Explosive skeletons-kamikaze in the Sea of Thieves

Взрывоопасные скелеты-камикадзе в Sea of Thieves

For the game Sea of Thieves came a new addition 1.1.4 and do not have time to complete the test Skeleton Thrones, start new Gunpowder Skeletons. It brought us new explosive skeletons that appear along with the gunpowder barrels in hand and run directly into players to undermine together with you. That is why they received his mark “kamikaze”. This is a very interesting event for players, which will allow not only to use a variety of ways to blow up the skeletons, but also greatly enhance your game skill.

Have powder kegs now got its own explosive force that can shake and in some cases even push ships. It is clear that the closer to the ship will explode a powder keg, the greater the explosive force. Yet there was such a thing as “fuses”. For example, you can hold a gun barrel, and players will be able to light a special fuse that will be active for 5 seconds.

The main purpose of the event is to help players earn currency that have not had time to accumulate it in the event of the Skeleton Thrones. If it comes to purity, this approach developers Sea of Thieves very good. This will help to maintain the activity of past players and attract new ones.

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