Cyberpunk 2077 called “the most beautiful game in history” which does not pull the console

Cyberpunk 2077 назвали «самой красивой игрой в истории» которую не потянут консоли

The representative of the British edition of Invision Community who attended a private screening Cyberpunk 2077, expressed regret over the fact that the game comes out on current-gen consoles, which the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will not receive a lot of interesting things, which could get on the new consoles.

For example, the present resolution in 4k. The fact that the game, though, and was shown in 4k, but in fact the permission was not real, but extended with the usual 1080-pixels wide. However, the “Cyberpunk looked amazing. Perhaps this is the most beautiful game that you actually ever seen.”

Next comes math: a PC that was showing the action, had on Board Nvidia 1080 Ti, which has an output of 11.3 Teraflops, while the Xbox One X will only issue 6 TF, and PlayStation 4 Pro – 4,2 TF.

And it is because of this very beauty journalist and complains that it was possible to wait a couple years, then to get a real masterpiece. And, you know what? Behind this proposal lies the undisguised envy of console gamers to the PC-shnik, because the latter, albeit for a lot of money, still can make Cyberpunk on all cylinders.

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