Blizzard told about the reasons for the closure Project Nomad

В Blizzard рассказали о причинах закрытия Project Nomad

An employee of Blizzard, Rob Huber, spoke about the reasons for the closure of the game’s development called Project Nomad, which started to do back in the 90’s, and turned in the beginning. The reason was simple: not enough people, so some of the projects will suffer due to the transfer of employees.

Like the Chicks in the nest, fighting against each other for the right to life, some games that have had their authors and other interested people who lost in competition to be lost forever. And the same Project Nomad, which was supposed to be a role strategy in the atmosphere of science fiction, lost first StarCraft, and then World of Warcraft. In the end, time was lost, and development was abandoned. Perhaps – says Mr. Huber they did everything right, and, perhaps, the world lost a great game that would now be considered classic masterpieces, and the continuation of which would require fans around the world. However, we will never know.

Published, years later, the screenshot shows that the Project Nomad was very similar to StarCraft, with the only exception that the game was other races and other technologies. That there is only a huge creature, like the Brontosaurus, which is on the back perched a gun.

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