Available free DLC Pretosaur Hill for ARK Park in Steam

Доступно бесплатное DLC Pretosaur Hill для ARK Park в Steam

Today was launched the first DLC for the game ARK Park, which bills itself as a project of virtual reality on SteamVR and Windows MR. The Supplement focused on the concept of flight, not only on dinosaurs, but also specialised air assets, so that the player could immerse yourself in this wondrous and beautiful world.

You can take a ride in the balloon, to get to the cable car or ride the aerial dinosaur Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creatures in history. The game also added 3 new maps of exploration: the mountain lake, an aviary and a crystal sky. One of the maps of battles the players have already nicknamed as the “Valley of Death”, which really immersed in the world of the Jurassic period.

Also added 14 new creatures and 8 subspecies. According to the developers, this extension reveals the full potential of the game and fully reflects all the features of VR-technology. Unfortunately, the voice acting and subtitles in Russian there. On that choice is only available 4 languages: English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Download DLC can all owners of the original game ARK.

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