Video game addiction has become an official disease

Зависимость от видеоигр стала официальной болезнью

Last year we were told that the world Health Organization has made for 2018 year, in the list of official diseases and a disease called “video game Addiction”. Then we still laughed at the fact that the disease is far-fetched, and that it may not approve, but it was serious.

The disease approved. Approved and come up with a description. Not to bore you with medical terms, note that doctors are separate online and offline games, share gaming genres that, in their opinion, cause different types of addiction, and list problems experienced by patients. In particular, this deterioration of family, educational, social and professional spheres of life. By the way, online game the doctors called more harmful than offline.

And we are for this reason concerned about one question: would it be possible for these patients to rely on the official hospital for the slope from the study, to obtain more output at work, or even benefits for a disability? If not, then a penny the price to all these things.

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