Telltale is making a game about a Very Strange Business

Telltale делает игру про Очень Странные Дела

Telltale Games has officially announced that work on a game adaptation of the series, Very Strange Things. The development is in conjunction with Netflix, which once managed to produce a really good movie, not the conveyor crafts.

In the Studio, said that he was proud of the partnership and that it will release this game on PC and the “big” consoles in the near future. Possibly before the end of the year there is not enough, but something like videoanonsa in the near future to count on is definitely possible.

Very Strange Cases series, yet existing in two seasons, in which a group of teenagers to fight the evil of the underworld. Despite such naive, it would seem that the description of the film was shot quite seriously, without abuse of common sense and intelligence of the viewer. He is steeped in American atmosphere of the 80-ies and has a bunch of references to the works of Stephen king, who actually has taken and continues to take part in the work on the project.

Well, in the near future, Netflix will post Minecraft: Story Mode, which will “patiesalai interactive narrative series” on which, incidentally, was the same Telltale Games.

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