Shadows Die Twice – the game is not from the universe Soulsborne

Shadows Die Twice – игра не из вселенной Soulsborne

The main Shadows Die Twice, Hidetaka Miyazaki, revealed new details Shadows Die Twice, now called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

For starters, he explained that the game does not belong to the universe Soulsborne, despite the obvious similarities: the main character – a former dead man, he reveals a characteristic movement of the gate, behind which sit the bosses, well, fighting is also built on the parry and otprygivat. However, it is still a completely new project, designed from scratch in a completely different atmosphere. But Miyazaki himself admits that the game does not attempt to alienate the fans Soulsborne.

We also learned that there’s no multiplayer nor cooperative, nor the call of the allies. The game is tuned exclusively for one player. The hero will also be fixed.

The hero, by the way, in recognition of Miyazaki, will have to die again and again to eventually find the right approach to the enemy.

All of this will be released early next year on PC and “big” consoles.

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