In Fallout 76 and Dying Light 2 will not be Battle Royal

В Fallout 76 и Dying Light 2 не будет Королевской Битвы

Oh-Oh-Oh! What’s going on! Battle Royal bear the irreparable loss. Just yesterday everyone was firmly convinced that without this regime the compote does not flow into the mouth, and the blood runs through the veins of gamers, as today we see that it is abandoned more and more often.

In particular, arrived just two solidarity statements from the creators of Fallout 76 and Dying Light 2.

For starters, the Vice President of Bethesda, Pete Hines, said that “despite the fact that Battle Royale is popular does not mean that it will be useful for our game.” He added that “we don’t like to chase trends,” and that at the time was able to produce something similar, but did not. However, if someone of the developers will be able to come up with a unique Royal Battle, where you have no competitors, then anything is possible.

Almost the same said lead designer of Techland, Timon Smektala. He said that “multiplayer Dying Light 2 and so will have a few surprises, but Battle Royal it will be. Of course we follow what happens in the gaming market, but Battle Royal is not something we focusareas”.

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