Id Software called Rage “with all shades of brown”

В id Software назвали Rage «всеми оттенками коричневого»

Amused, the Director of id Software, Tim Willits, who called the first Rage “game with all shades of brown.”

All at once he laughed, saying, it is. Who does not believe, can go to Metacritic and see the rating and read the reviews. But really, Mr. Director wanted to say something else.

He meant that the world of the first part was repetitive and dull. According to him, everyone knew that all the Rage is painted in brown. Painted in brown and Mad Max, and this can not be allowed to RAGE 2, which will be extremely colorful game and there the Heath will show us all the color diversity of the post-apocalyptic world.

First, according to Mr. Grounds, they wanted to make more colorful characters, then arms, then raised the intensity of the game, and then began to paint enemies, and then undertook and for the world as a whole. This was done so that in the game there are memorable places and memorable opponents.

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