Bethesda – Fallout has always lacked the multiplayer

Bethesda – Fallout всегда не хватало мультиплеера

Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, said that the Fallout series has long needed to be multiplayer.

He made quite a lengthy speech, telling about the things that you fear those who do not want to once given the franchise brought to Fallout Online. According to Mr. Howard, this game has always lacked the multiplayer. This was particularly evident in the fourth part, which de could get network mode, but not received. However, now it’s time to improve. In a Corrigendum to the public offers Fallout 76, which “is a multiplayer project for Fallout 4”.

It turned out that the attempts to do something strictly network they were made back in 2013 year, but then they didn’t have the proper number of specialists, and when the question arose about adding multiplayer in Fallout 4, the company’s management decided not to do it, laying out a similar game as separate.

Fallout 76 will network survival simulator, but the developers said that if you don’t want to fight or just interact with other players, you nobody will force to do it.

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