The creators of STALKER 2 has no money and the game – “just a project plan”

У создателей STALKER 2 нет денег а игра – «просто план проекта»

Those who closely followed the head of GSC Game World, Sergei Grigorovich, certainly drew attention to the fact that the thoughts of Mr Sergei are busy than anything but not STALKER 2. And, judging by the publications in social networks, he was more concerned with politics than development of the game.

These suspicions seem justified, because one of the managers of Epic Games, Sergey Galyonkin, gave a great interview on this. In General, at this moment STALKER 2 is “just a project plan, which can turn out something interesting.” The game is not something that is in its early stages, it doesn’t even start to be developed, and its announcement was made on the eve of the E3 specifically to find an investor.

In other words, the project has no publisher, and Epic Games, as it turned out, in his face to make no plans and just provide technical support, such as the one which provided her with Bluehole PUBG. So all this is very long and may not be the most exciting story, to our regret.

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For the Atari VCS $200

За Atari VCS просят 200 $

In the camp consolers dash: opened pre-orders for the Atari VCS is a reboot of the legendary Atari 2600, which was the main gaming console in the 80-ies. Well, once pre-orders, so the price and specifications finally officially announced.

So, the console is equipped with operating system Ubuntu. On Board there is a processor, Radeon R7, 4 GB DDR4 RAM and expandable hard drive with a 32GB. Very modestly. Asking 200 for this and $ 300 for the version in the plastic and the wood, respectively. In both cases, the console comes with one wireless joystick. Second, it seems, is proposed to be purchased separately. The classic controller a La Xbox is twice as expensive branded joystick.

Than you can deal with the console owner? Listening to music, watching videos, campaigns on the Internet, as well as get access to proprietary service with a built-in store, which already hosts more than a hundred classic games from the ancient times.

Overall, of course, hardly the Atari VCS will interest the modern gamer. Rather, it is a joy for veterans wishing to nostalgia, but also for avid collectors.

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The programmer learned how to run the SNES cartridge on the NES and found something horrible in Super Mario World

 Программист научился запускать картриджи со SNES на NES и обнаружил нечто ужасное в Super Mario World An independent programmer named Tom Murphy (Tom Murphy), also known under the name Tom7, working on their own project for the launch of the console SNES cartridges on the platform of the previous generation NES. It would seem that such emulation has no chance of success, but the programmer found one way to achieve this goal.

Tom Murphy equips SNES cartridges with a special modification, which is a mini-computer Raspberry Pi 3, which assumes some of the processes when you start the game on the NES. The cartridge was compatible with previous consoles, the guy filters the data through a special program.

As a result of this maneuver with the system, the programmer had the opportunity to do some interesting things with games. Tom Murphy is able to change the speed of the game, and due to the fact that the console doesn’t recognize certain part of the flower, sometimes in the process of testing glitches happen.

Mario was hitting Yoshi on the head in Super Mario WorldПарень passed Super Mario World with my eyes closed

For example, in Super Mario World guy discovered the level of that is due to incompatibility of the system looks completely different from what was seen by many gamers on the SNES. All painted in acid eerie color, like some low-budget horror movie.

The project guy called an inverse emulation.

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Bless Online has released on Steam and received a mountain of criticism

Bless Online вышла в Steam и получила гору критики

On Steam, the release of one of the largest MMORPG in recent years: Bless Online, which was released in early access, immediately received a huge portion of criticism.

For the first few hours the project has got three thousand reviews. But despite the popularity, the overall proportion positive has made a dismal 45%. The reason is the abundance of technical problems. Shoppers report that the game has a glitch on a glitch and a glitch chases. In the lobby turn some Roskomnadzor bans the IP-addresses of the servers, well, those who still managed to get in reported crashes and hangs at the stage of learning. In General, not to play.

But the gameplay itself is, apparently, succeeded, and this is important, because early access is early access. And, despite the cost (4800 rubles for the full version) wanting to play PVP-oriented MMORPG with modern graphics – full. Explains the queues on the servers. And here only wish one thing – patience. Because, as practice shows, after the start of the crisis, everything will be fine.

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Crackdown 3 is suspected in the transfer

Crackdown 3 подозревают в переносе

Action Crackdown 3 has steadfastly refused to generate some positive buzz. In particular, in recent months, the Network has emerged the speculation that the game is canceled, then transferred. Then Microsoft announced the imminent release and the show at E3, and then everything calmed down. And here it is again.

A cause for concern given the Spanish branch of Amazon, which I took, and cancelled the pre-orders for the game, returning the money to all buyers. Here the situation said one of the leaders of Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, who assured the audience that the team is Crackdown 3 is intensively working on the game, and that the reason for the return of pre-orders lies in the technical problems in the store.

However, the assurances seemed to many not very convincing, and gamers still suspect something is wrong, because pre-orders don’t just cancel.

Crackdown 3 was first announced at E3 2014. Since then, about the game recalled at least once every six months, and frankly, the expectations from it are not very high.

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Fallout 76 is the network going day without a single player campaign

Fallout 76 будет сетевой выживалкой без одиночной кампании

After the intriguing announcement of Fallout 76 rich arrived the rumors with regards to the game, and some of them stemmed from a very reputable gaming publications from different countries, who kept saying one thing: Fallout is 76 network simulator survival, and the main character will… the sanctuary itself No. 76.

So, supposedly the events of Fallout 76 201 unfold over the year before the plot of Fallout 3. The action takes place in sanctuary n 76, whose inhabitants saw that the radioactive dust has settled, and now she can barely get out. All in all, the shelter can accommodate 500 people and arrangement of their life, the player will have to deal with. A kind of Fallout Shelter, but in more serious shell and the online reference. Oh, and I should add that one of the insiders compared Fallout 76 Rust – a popular simulator survival, who recently left early access. The plot, however, still will be, but whatever it was, we still came to this: Fallout Online, apparently, has become a reality.

But that news does not end there. With locations also been persistent reports that Bethesda is preparing the announcement of the remaster of Fallout 3.

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Pokémon GO downloaded over 800 million times

Pokémon GO скачали более 800 млн раз Mobile hit Pokémon GO Studio Niantic broke the barrier of 800 million downloads. This was announced by the head of the publishing house of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara (Ishihara Tsunekazu) at a press conference in Tokyo.

To redial the last 50 million downloads, Pokémon GO took a little more than a year.

To attract more players, the creators of Pokémon GO have announced a series of events that will take place in the United States, Germany and Japan for this summer. On the territory of these countries organize special zones, which will host special events.

To maintain the interest of gamers to Pokémon GO is also planned with a new gaming franchise Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, which will be released on the Nintendo Switch in November this year. Players will be able to move caught on a mobile device of the pokemon in the title Switch.

In its two years of existence, Pokémon GO was one of the most successful mobile games and real cultural phenomenon. According to the analytical platform Sensor Tower, the game is Niantic earned $1 billion in just 7 months, that is faster than any other mobile app in history.

Pokémon GO скачали более 800 млн раз

Revenues Pokémon GO for the first 7 months, Sensor Tower

We will note, in Russia, Pokémon GO is still officially unreleased. However, according to Bloomberg, immediately after the game’s release in July 2016 in Moscow and Moscow region the number of pokemon catchers exceeded 1.3 million people.


The anniversary version of the famous Intel 8086 came out

 Юбилейная версия знаменитого Intel 8086 появилась в продаже This year Intel celebrates the 40th anniversary of the famous 8086 processor, which made this company name. This event was really festive, the company has prepared a modern updated version of the 8086, based on the architecture of Coffee Lake.

Intel Core i7-8086K will be the name of the model, designed to demonstrate the power of the corporations and a commitment to advanced ideas. The processor is based on the architecture of the Coffee Lake-S has a 6 cores with Hyper-Threading, 12 MB cache third level, the graphics processor G630 UHD. TDP is 95 watts.

 Юбилейная версия знаменитого Intel 8086 появилась в продаже
In contrast to the Core i7-8700K, the new flagship has a high clock-frequency — peak value will reach 5 GHz without Turbo Boost, the processor will run at 4-4. 5 GHz. This will be the first mass Intel with such a high operating frequency for the mass segment.

 Юбилейная версия знаменитого Intel 8086 появилась в продаже
The price is very high — about $ 500 (32 000 rubles at the current exchange rate). The official presentation will take place next week, on 8 June, during Computex 2018. After that, the model will go on sale around the world, however, the print run will be limited because of these characteristics, the company has selected the chips for almost a year.

But the legacy of the 8086 are probably well known by all fans of the company is famous for 386 and 486 models, after which began the era of the Pentium.

Intel accused of discrimination in relation to age employee…Intel has created a 10-nanometer Intel Core i3 processor-Intel 8121UВ seen eight new security vulnerabilities

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Xbox 360 got a system update for the first time in two years”

The owners of Xbox 360 that have not been included in this gaming console, there is little reason to start the system and be nostalgic. The fact that Microsoft released its first update 2.0.17526.0 for legacy systems more than two years. Nobody seems to know what it brings, so will have to be limited to only the official miser with words of minor bug fixes and improvements. However, he says the fact that Microsoft still supports the old workhorse.

Xbox 360 получила обновление системы — впервые за два года"

Interestingly, last update 2.0.17502.0 for the Xbox 360 was released on 29 March 2016 — about a month before Microsoft officially announced the termination of production of the console. By the way, the network service gaming system of the past generation are still supported by Microsoft, including Xbox Live Marketplace and other functions.

However, the distribution of Xbox One and the development of the technology backward compatibility has moved a significant part associated with Xbox 360 activity on the new console. Backwards compatible Xbox One and Xbox 360 was announced at E3 2015, and since then it has become an important feature of the system: more than 500 old games are supported by the actual console, and new ones are added almost weekly.

For those who are interested in the situation with updates to rival the previous generation of consoles: Sony released 14 Nov 2017 last update 4.82 for the PlayStation 3, and Nintendo on 17 July 2017 — the firmware version 5.5.2 U for the Wii U.


Announced Fractured Lands – Battle Royal in the atmosphere of Mad Max

Анонсирована Fractured Lands – Королевская Битва в атмосфере Mad Max

In Unbroken Studios are confident that the Royal Battle is not enough. A particularly good Battle Royal, so there is announced a game called Fractured Lands – network first-person shooter in the genre and the atmosphere of Mad Max.

As shown, the game looks. If it will be able to get rid of the traditional genre of technical problems, we are waiting for a serious competitor for PUBG and Fortnite.

The game will appear in Steam early access in July, and before that it will show at E3. And, Yes, its main feature are the combat vehicles, which, in contrast to the same PUBG will be not just a means of transportation, but these comrades, because the developers are called local machine – your greatest weapon.

I wonder what it will say on Warner Bros., owns the rights to the universe of Mad max. But, to be honest, in Fractured Lands essentially illustrates the classic post-Apocalypse desert, which easily can be compared with the Apocalypse from Fallout, so, most likely, no litigation, we do not see.

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