Shows gameplay XCOM strategy Space Hulk Tactics

Показан геймплей XCOM-стратегии Space Hulk Tactics

Focus Home Interactive has big plans for the coming E3, but do not intend to marinate gamers remaining before the exhibition days. So their entertainment was presented to the full gameplay trailer turn based strategy Space Hulk: Tactics in the atmosphere of Warhammer 40 000 and with a focus on mechanics, are known for the same XCOM.

So, announced in February, the game has new details. The developers promise two story campaign for each of the warring parties, and the gameplay will be deeply tactical, whose sole purpose is to destroy all enemies on the map. Fights are generously seasoned with the rules of the Board game using special cards during battle. Will all this on the PC and big consoles before the end of the year.

Looks like Space Hulk: Tactics quite well. Some darkening of the picture due to the need to create the right atmosphere, partly kompensiruet vivid special effects and cinematics, that periodically turns the game into something like a first person shooter.

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