Mobile game series Troll Face Quest was downloaded over 100 million times

Мобильные игры серии Troll Face Quest скачали свыше 100 млн раз Titles of the franchise Troll Face Quest on mobile has gained over 100 million downloads. This was announced by the company and publisher Spil Games, noting that 90% of the installations of their games — organic.

“Our success to manage projects in real time and promotion in the stores. mobile applications,” said CEO of Spil Games the geirr Tim (Timm Geyer).

Spil Games was originally released Troll Face Quest in the form of browser games. In February 2015, the company had a series on mobile platforms, where it was warmly received. First mobile game — Troll Face Quest Sports — scored 1 million downloads within a few weeks after launch. Just 3 year Spil Games on mobile published 8 titles of the franchise.

Game series Troll Face Quest are a series of puzzles to care, the gameplay are full of rough humour, absurd situations and references to Internet memes and pop culture.