Mobile game “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements” is available for download (trailer)

 Мобильная игра «Might & Magic: Стражи стихий» доступна для загрузки (трейлер) To release a new mobile game from Ubisoft — Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements, after which the Studio has released a release trailer. The player will become a graduate of the Academy of Magic, to travel through enchanted lands and battle to dangerous enemies.

The combat system in “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements” is a classic turn-based battles and allows you to fight against the computer or against a human player. The game is made in cartoon style and is fully translated into Russian language.

In addition to “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements”, you can join and live classics — Heroes of Might and Magic III is also available on iOS and Android.

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