In Wolfenstein 3 will be open world

В Wolfenstein 3 будет открытый мир

A Holy place is never empty. Fallout, it seems, decided to turn the online project. But, how can that be with its open world and single player campaign? There is someone who will succeed and occupy a niche? Is. His name – Wolfenstein 3.

The fact that very interesting, made one Andreas Airport is one of the managers of the Studio Machine Games, which was acquired by Bethesda in 2010-m to year. So, Mr. Airport told the press that his company is now engaged in the Wolfenstein franchise – the hypothetical third part of this shooter, with the administration of Bethesda had ordered to experiment, and the developers just now thinking about how to put this game in an open world with a smooth departure from the duty of history security officer Blaskowitz.

In this case, the interviewee assures that fans need not fear revolution. The game would remain a first-person shooter, but will get more freedom. Such are the powerful news. Importantly, Wolfenstein not got the console Online.

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