Brendan Greene is afraid to make a new game after PUBG

Брендан Грин боится делать новую игру после PUBG

Pretty fun, made one governing Bluehole, Brendan green, who had complained that he was afraid to make a new game. All due to the fact that, no matter what he started doing, still get PUBG.

It’s actually sad. Mr. green complains that the influence PUBG so much that it will be reflected on his next game, despite the fact that it will be something completely different and unlike what was expected of him. He doesn’t want to make a game on three million simultaneous online. Instead, he had to do something, what he’d played for months and years. And, Yes, apparently this is some kind of MOBA, because especially for the development he pulled one of the employees of Riot Games, took part in the creation of the League of Legends.

Similar concerns were Dean Hall, the ideological mastermind of DayZ, which has long been afraid to do something new, and then, to avoid the temptation to cook something like DayZ 2, set simulator a mysterious astronaut.

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