Became known, when will show the full power of the Nvidia GTX 1180 new generation

 Стало известно, когда покажут всю мощь видеокарты Nvidia GTX 1180 нового поколения In the network appeared the information, when to wait for the announcement of the new most powerful graphics card from Nvidia, which presumably will be called GTX or GTX 1180 2080. Date of the event at which to announce a video card that was leaked.

As it became known, the announcement of the most powerful in the foreseeable future graphics cards will be held August 20 at the Symposium Hot Chips (hot chips). Event organizers have already said the Rapporteur from Nvidia, who will talk about the new generation mainstring direction cards.

Rumor: Nvidia GTX 1180 will release in July, and in August-September will be released on…model Nvidia introduced the RTX technology for realistic lighting

As you can see, the name of the upcoming report is very abstract and does not give a clear understanding about what will be coming card. It is worth noting that the conference starts immediately after the exhibition Gamescom, which, according to rumors, Nvidia will perform in full glory.

As claimed by the rumors, which the network before, the new generation of Nvidia cards will use the memory type GDDR6, not GDDR5X. The graphics core will choose Volta GV104 will be used 256-bit bus. Video memory VRAM is 16 GB.

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