The Creator of Kingdom Come Deliverance complains of harassment by disgruntled gamers

Создатель Kingdom Come Deliverance жалуется на преследование со стороны недовольных геймеров

Daniel of Varvi, according to rumors, ran into trouble in his personal life after his Studio has released Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Since then, allegedly, he has no peace from his pursuers, for which he was even forced to cancel performances, and simply to avoid appearing in public places.

In particular, he was to arrive at an event called Gamelab Barcelona 2018, but was forced to withdraw by sending to the organizers a letter. The reason – the accusations of racism and misogyny, which by European standards is a reason for public harassment. And all because in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was not of blacks and militant women, which, however, entirely fair. However, the pan Varva, so dopeklo questions on this subject that forced him roughly several times to speak, which only heated the situation even more.

However, perhaps not all that bad, because at the conference of game designers in Poland, which last Monday, he finally spoke.

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