Sony PlayStation 5 cook another 3 years

Sony будет готовить PlayStation 5 ещё 3 года

After statements by the head of Sony about the fact that the history of the PlayStation 4 is nearing completion, the Japanese company decided to bring some clarity.

First, no new console announcements at E3. Secondly, the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2021, the year. Because the President of Sony, John Coder said that at training they need exactly 3 years. And it’s even slightly exceeds expectations, expecting to 2020-th year. Hence, GTA 6 along with the Cyberpunk also need to wait for this deadline. It is unlikely that the projects of such scale would risk releasing on a console that in a few months will become irrelevant. But until the PS 4 owners can exhale and just let it play at least another three years.

To exhale, but to understand that no matter what plans Sony have been hatched against the PlayStation 5, it can dramatically shift the terms of the release, if Microsoft decides to release a new Xbox before the estimated time.

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