Earthfall will be released in July

Earthfall выйдет в июле

Became known release date of the final version of the cooperative shooter Earthfall. The release of the game on the 15th of July.

On this day, the project will receive two single-player campaign with 10 missions each, the range of enemies will be expanded, as well as in established performance.

Along with this there will be versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, additional modes and new tasks. Well, the most important thing: the cost of the game will jump two times, and if now for an early version of asking for 350 rubles, after the release, apparently, it will have to about seven hundred. So, if you respect the cooperative postrelushki in the style of Left-4-Dead, and playing everything coming out in this genre, consider to save money now and not pay later.

Earthfall at the moment Steam has a 78% positive reviews. The game has been praised for its graphics, interesting design and vigorous fights. Blamed for problems with optimization, small online and the lack of Russian localization, which seems to come in and make the final release.

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