League of Legends will be bans because of new European laws

По League of Legends пройдут баны из-за новых европейских законов

European lawmakers continue to tighten the nut on the gaming market. It all about the same legislation on protection of personal data of players. First, he had to close the doors of a few MMO projects, and now League of Legends promises to ride the wave of bans.

Why? But because many fans of this game are still in a very tender age. The minimum age required to play in the League 16 years. However, there is a loophole: not all, but in many countries you can play with 13, but only if the parents allowed. Therefore, Riot Games was urgently sent letters to all young account holders where turned not to them but to their parents who must give consent to their child played and to decide in matters of surveillance of account activity. If the letter will not be answered, not to mention the answer is negative, then after some time the account will be blocked. And this is only the beginning. Similar maneuvers will soon start in other games.

In Russia, fortunately, such laws not.

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