In Fortnite found new modes

В Fortnite нашли новые режимы

Data miners found in the internal file information indicating that Fortnite in the future should appear competitive modes.

Meticulous citizens found a folder with such telling names as Playlist_Comp_Duos and Playlist_Comp_Squads, which, however, was empty, but in a folder called Solo was, any files that may indicate that the first Fortnite may receive a single mode, like Deathmatch, or something like that.

This is all, of course, a simple guess of the layman, but it all goes to the fact that Fortnite will soon cease to be associated as a game in the style of the Battle Royal turned into a full-fledged online shooter with a nice addition in the form of cooperative zombie mode with the construction of FORTS.

Well, more recently picked up pace interesting trend: PUBG began to copy the idea Fortnite, although I was the opposite. In PUBG appeared coloring parachutes, was found the secret, the Golden chest, and we were talking about adding a “dance” that the characters will celebrate certain events. It seems that the laurels of the king specifically so encroached.

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