Days Gone will be able to support up to 400 characters in one scene

Days Gone сможет поддерживать до 400 персонажей в одной сцене

Game developers don’t like scenes with a large number of characters. They are much more willing to take up the game where enemies in front of the hero arise dosed: one-two – no more. If there is a crowd, then immediately begin performance issues.

And now, the authors of Days Gone decided to show that they have this performance will be a full order, laying out a Network scene with the simultaneous participation of three hundred zombies. And, a bit later promise to fit another one, but 400 characters.

To show made, like, a mission where the hero needs to eliminate a large bunch pryamohodyachoyi cadavers at a junkyard and, I must say that the job was not easy. Hero running journalists were constantly killed and the zombies were very aggressive and consistently, arranging environments, and sprint races.

It is also worth noting that the authors of Days Gone asked not to compare this game with Last of Us. According to them, among these projects there is almost nothing in common except the atmosphere of the game and third-person.

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