Phoenix Point transfer for a year

Phoenix Point переносят на год

Unfortunately fans of XCOM-type games, the exit strategy, Phoenix Point moved. And not just moved, and snatched from life for almost a year, and instead of the promised release at the end of this year, announced the postponement of the next year already in June.

Although, to be honest, what this game promised to release in the fall – seemed surprising, and apparently not in vain. The game is still far from ready, and it must be trivial to modify. The official reason for the transfer: the developers want to make a “big splash”, and in the state where the project will be to the end of the year, this was not expected, which is a pity.

Phoenix Point – strategy from Julianne Gollop, the founder of the XCOM series, which for many years rested on their laurels, and then came back to tell their story about aliens crawling out from the bottom of the ocean depths, and brave rebels fighting, as with aliens and mutants already local flood. The game looks great now, but we still have to wait.

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