Metro Exodus was moved to 2019

Metro Exodus перенесли на 2019

And again transfer one of the most anticipated games. This time we are talking about Metro Exodus, whose creators could not meet the pre-allotted time, so to play in this shooter until the end of the year – alas – will not succeed.

This was announced by the leadership of THQ Nordic, noting that now the release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

The reasons for migration are not known, and there is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the developers have decided not to interfere in the autumn-winter season, when the shelves will be a lot of powerful competitors, and, when many simply did not have enough money to buy everything you want. May be to blame Biomutant action games and Darksiders 3. Well, we are dealing with the usual technical problems. In General, whatever it was, to wait 3-4 extra months will have.

The plot of Metro Exodus will pull characters from the musty tunnels of the Moscow metro, and send you on a journey through Mother Russia in the old and picturesque steam train. The game will not have open world, its passage will be linear, but the area locations, nevertheless, will increase substantially.

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