Announced varivestis Green Hell

Анонсирован выживастик Green Hell

The Polish Studio has announced a Creepy Jar varivestis from the first person under the name of Green Hell, in which players will have to survive somewhere in the dense jungles of the Amazon. The game, though similar to the same Forest, both technically and spiritually, but in fact will have a much greater focus towards the horror genre.

Look forward to plot twists, because the Amazon forest is not so large and desolate to live in them impassable for several months. However, the trailer shows exactly that. Perhaps the developers will come up with the island from which you cannot get out, but believe it is not easy, for Amazon, for all its greatness – not the ocean.

However, all of this we can find out soon, because the Green Hell is preparing to leave this summer, however, while only in early access on PC. About the final release of the console versions and yet no one reported.

Creepy Jar, though the indie Studio, but it is based has come from Techland, who participated in the development of dozens of famous games, starting with Dying Light and ending the second Witcher.

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