Announced F1 2018

Анонсирована F1 2018

After the merge rumors and scraps of information, the official announcement of the F1 racing simulator 2018.

The game will be released simultaneously on PC and big consoles. It will happen on the 24th of August. In Codemasters promise a lot of new ideas, and most importantly – thoroughly in-depth career mode. In addition, the game will have a large fleet of racing cars, the so-called classic era of the 80’s, 70’s and even 60-ies of the last century. All this will be even more beautiful and bigger with a bunch of new licensed tracks and new racers.

As to the predecessors, F1 2017 at the moment Steam has 84% positive reviews, which is pretty good, despite the complaints of players that the series is not really progressing, and the same schedule almost never changes. So let’s see how it will be this time. I hope that Formula 1 fans will not disappoint, because the competitors in this game is not, and if not her, then to please their fans – no one at all.

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