The authors Badlands launched softlaunch new franchise

Авторы Badlands запустили в софтлонч новую франшизу Finnish Studio Frogmind iOS conducted a “soft launch” of a new mobile title the Rumble Stars Soccer. The game is somewhat like Clash Royale — the main hit of the company Supercell bought a controlling stake Frogmind the end of 2016.

Rumble Stars Soccer combines the mechanics of Buttler and conventional football. Players control teams of characters with different abilities that you can combine to achieve an advantage on the field.

The game is free for download. It’s already available in the App Store, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Netherlands, and also in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. The developers promise to release Rumble Stars Soccer on Android in the future.

Rumble Stars Soccer — second fritupleynaya title Frogmind. Last year she spent softlaunch of Buttler Badlands Brawl, which refers to the flagship franchise Badlands, but unlike previous games geared for competitive gameplay. The project has not yet been released to worldwide release.